This blog contains a collection of one page summaries about articles with topics in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Math in general. The intention of the one page summaries are to give a quick overview about the core content of an article together with an assessment of its impact and usage in theory and practice. The summaries are written with my own words and do not claim to be complete. Their intention is not to judge or review articles rather than to look at them from a birds eye perspective and extract the core content in order to classify them into relevant contexts. When writting these summaries I always try to keep it as objective as possible. The selection of the articles is based on my own interest but i’m open for any suggestions of articles. Any comments, corrections or suggestions are welcome.

I’m a mathematician who is working in the area of data science and machine learning at the moment. My particular interest is causality in theory and practice and its relation to machine learning. Furthermore, I have theoretical and practical experience in classification tasks and with reinforcement learning methods.

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